~ Sephar-Sipur-Sepher ~


As to S’fār it means the calculation and weighing of the created bodies. The calculation which is required for the harmonious and advantageous arrangement of a body is based on a numerical figure. Expansion, measure, weight, relation of movements, and musical harmony, all these are based on the number expressed by the word, S’fār.
No building emerges from the hand of the architect unless its image had first existed in his soul. Sippūr signifies the language, or rather the divine language, ‘the voice of the words of the living God.’ This produced the existence of the form which this language assumed in the words: ‘Let there be light,’ ‘let there be a firmament.’ The word was hardly spoken, when the thing came into existence.
This is also Sēfer, by which writing is meant, the writing of God means His creatures, the speech of God is His writing, the will of God is His speech.
In the nature of God, therefore, S’fār, Sippūr, and Sēfer are a unity, whilst they are three in human reckoning.
~ Kuzari ~


2 Responses to “~ Sephar-Sipur-Sepher ~”

  1. The Circle of sequential Time synchronized by inner Movement [1-4-2-8-5-7] in the Triangle of Timelessness [3-6-9] became illuminated. ~ Ennea Grammos ~


      Matter-Information-Measure is a trinity of any object or phenomenon of the world around us. It appears as a single, integral, and cause-and-effect conditioned process of the sequential transformation of matter as it develops.

      Matter is something that re-FORM-ed, passes from one state to another, and has order.

      Information (image or idea) is something that is transmitted in the process of interaction of a changing state of matter – mapping – from one material carrier to another.

      Measure determines the different qualities of display of information, the multidimensional matrix of possible states and transformations of matter, which stores information in all processes.

      In relation to matter, the measure is the matrix of its predetermined possible and statistically ordered states; in relation to information it is a hierarchically organized multi-level coding system.

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