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AYA: Awakenings (2013)

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Director: Timothy Parish, Rak Razam
Producer: Timothy Parish, Rak Razam
Genre: Documentary / Mystery
Country: Australia / Peru
Language: English

We who solve mystery, become mystery.

AYA: Awakenings is a documentary journey into the world and visions of Amazonian shamanism, adapted from the cult book ‘Aya: a Shamanic Odyssey’ by Rak Razam. As Razam sets out to document the booming business of Amazonian shamanism in the 21st century, he quickly finds himself caught up in a culture clash between the old world and the new. Braving a gringo trail of the soul, he uncovers a movement of ‘spiritual tourists’ coming from the West for a direct experience of the multidimensional reality shamanism connects one to.

Other Worlds (2004)

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Director: Jan Kounen
Producer: Anne Paris, Dominique Fausset, Manna Mégard
Genre: Documentary / Independent Film
Country: France
Language: French / English / PT / EN subtitles

A Journey into The Heart of Shipibo Shamanism – the secrets about unlocking the mysteries of consciousness by plant-drugs.

Other Worlds is an intriguing and well-lensed first-person intro to the parallel universe that some Amazonian indigenous peoples consider to be “reality.” Helmer Jan Kounen, known for his interest in Shipibo-Conibo culture and shamanism, whose pricey psychedelic Western Blueberry underperformed earlier year, went through more than 100 sacred-plant elixir sessions with a shaman during four years. Blending talking heads with heady imagery, film makes an excellent case for the meeting up of contempo science and ancient wisdom.

The film will allow the Shamans to speak for themselves. It will show how their cultures and their belief systems culminate from their knowledge of the Invisible.