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The Invisible World (1979)

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Director: Alex Pomansanof
Producer: Alex Pomansanof
Genre: Documentary
Country: United States
Language: English / EN / RU subtitles

Expand your perceptions.

Each moment, events take place that the human eye cannot perceive because these occurrences are too small, too large, too fast, too slow or beyond the spectrum of visible light. This 1979 National Geographic special classic video shows us that ‘hidden’ world – the sight of water crystallizing into ice, a single atom’s movement within solid matter, a bullet speeding towards its target. Different sizes, different spectrum, and even different rates of speed can illuminate the underlying processes that are beyond the limits of our eyes and will forever alter your understanding and perception of the world.

The Invisible World (1979)
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YANTRA MANTRA: Sacred Light – Sacred Sound (2010)

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Director: RayAna Enterprises
Music: Deva Premal
Genre: Music / Meditation
Country: United States
Language: None

YANTRA MANTRA “Sacred Light~Sacred Sound” contains relaxing ~ enthralling spiritual frequencies created by merging the ethereal splendor of Deva Premal’s enchanting voice with the breathtaking beauty of 3-dimensional ‘living’ animated mandalas.

YANTRA MANTRA is a fusion of sound, movement, color, and form that nurtures the soul. It activates personal transformation, facilitates mental ~ physical relaxation, leads to holistic awareness, and results in a truly unique, profound state of “peaceful awakening.”

Use YANTRA MANTRA to experience beauty ~ healing ~ living joy ~ or just to feel great. YANTRA MANTRA can lead to intimate personal awareness and be experienced among friends. Perfect for gatherings, group meditations, or simply to find peace within your own heart.

“Yantra Mantra will open your heart, quiet your mind and lift you to a peaceful awakening.”