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Hoblio – The Path to Freedom (2013)

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Director: Piero Tonin
Producer: Piero Tonin
Genre: Animation / Short
Country: Italy
Language: English / None

The end of the journey is just the beginnings.

A little pilgrim carrying a heavy weight. A long path leading from a deep, dark forest to a boundless, radiant valley. Along the way, four mysterious characters.

Who is that pilgrim, and where is he going? Is that path just a connection between two physical places or rather a metaphor of a personal journey? And those characters, who are they, really? Are they real or are they avatars of supreme beings? Follow serene but determined Hoblio in his quest for enlightenment and spiritual freedom.

~ Spiritual Insight ~

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Spiritual Insight
The way is not in the sky. The way is in the heart.
~ Buddha ~

Rivers and Tides (2001)

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Director: Thomas Riedelsheimer
Producer: Annedore von Donop, Trevor Davies, Leslie Hills
Genre: Documentary
Country: Germany / Finland / United Kingdom / Canada
Language: English

Life in the Arts.

Landscape sculptor Andy Goldsworthy is renowned throughout the world for his work in ice, stone, leaves, wood. His own remarkable still photographs are Goldsworthy’s way of talking about his often ephemeral works made from elements of nature, of fixing them in time. The music was composed and performed by Fred Frith.

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~ Order of Beauty ~

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Order of Beauty
The true work of art is but a shadow of the divine perfection.
~ Michelangelo ~

Entheogen: Awakening the Divine Within (2007)

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Director: Rod Mann
Producer: Nikos Katsaounis, Kevin Kohley
Genre: Documentary / Feature Length
Country: United States
Language: English / ES subtitles

Rediscover an enchanted cosmos in the modern world.

Entheogen: Awakening the Divine Within is a feature length documentary which examines the re-emergence of archaic techniques of ecstasy in the modern world by weaving a synthesis of ecological and evolutionary awareness,electronic dance culture, and the current pharmacological re-evaluation of entheogenic compounds. Within a narrative framework that imagines consciousness itself to be evolving, Entheogen documents the emergence of techno-shamanism in the post-modern world that frames the following questions:
How can a renewal of ancient initiatory rites of passage alleviate our ecological crisis?
What do trance dancing and festivals celebrating unbridled artistic expression speak to in our collective psyche?
How do we re-invent ourselves in a disenchanted world from which God has long ago withdrawn?
Entheogen invites the viewer to consider that the answers to these questions lie within the consciousness of each and every human being, and are accessible if only we give ourselves permission to awaken to the divine within.

Stan Grof, Marilyn Schlitz, Ralph Metzner, Alex Grey, Terrence McKenna, John Markoff, Daniel Pinchbeck, and Kat Harrison among others, postulate how the disenchantment of the modern world may be remedied by summoning the courage to take the next leap in the evolution of planetary consciousness.

~ Dynamic Tranquility ~

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Dynamic Tranquility

The moment you reach to the very center
you are no more,
the buddha is.
The only quality that buddha has
is pure awareness
Witness that you are not the body…
Witness that you are not the mind…
Witness that you are only a witness.
~ Osho ~

Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds – The Spiral (2012)

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Director: Daniel Schmidt
Producer: Daniel Schmidt, Eva Dametto
Genre: Documentary / Short / Web
Country: Canada
Language: English / AR / FR / IT / PT / DE / ES / RO / RU / EN subtitles

A external reflection of adventures in meditation.

Inner Worlds was created by Canadian film maker, musician and meditation teacher Daniel Schmidt to bring the ancient knowledge back to the earth in order to restore balance and harmony on the planet.

The Pythagorian philosopher Plato hinted enigmatically that there was a golden key that unified all of the mysteries of the universe. The golden key is the intelligence of the logos, the source of the primordial om. One could say that it is the mind of God. The source of this divine is the greatest mystery of our existence: The Primordial Spiral.