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Cymatics Soundscapes: Bringing Matter to Life with Sound (1986)

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Director: Hans Jenny
Producer: Hans Jenny
Genre: Documentary / Experimental
Country: Switzerland
Language: English / German

The study of visible sound and vibration.

The study of wave phenomena and vibration was pioneered by the Swiss physician and Renaissance man Hans Jenny. Inspired by Rudolf Steiner, Dr. Jenny’s penetrating observations of distinct types of patterns in nature led to these dramatic experiments animating inert substances with audible sound. The video is the first of two films made by Hans Jenny around 1970, which comprise this program entitled Cymatics. A half-hour of visually astounding images portray how unseen forces can shape, transform and destroy the seemingly solid structures that we see all about us. The stunning array of experiments seen in these two films are actual physical phenomena evolving before our eyes – as audible sound excites various liquids, powders, pastes and iron filings into processes which mimic atomic, geologic, biological, solar and even galactic shapes and movements.

Caution: No computer-generated images appear in these films. Viewing this remarkable scientific artistry can profoundly alter the way you view your world!

YANTRA MANTRA: Sacred Light – Sacred Sound (2010)

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Director: RayAna Enterprises
Music: Deva Premal
Genre: Music / Meditation
Country: United States
Language: English / None

Open heart, quiet mind & peaceful awakening.

YANTRA MANTRA “Sacred Light~Sacred Sound” contains relaxing ~ enthralling spiritual frequencies created by merging the ethereal splendor of Deva Premal’s enchanting voice with the breathtaking beauty of 3-dimensional ‘living’ animated mandalas.

YANTRA MANTRA is a fusion of sound, movement, color, and form that nurtures the soul. It activates personal transformation, facilitates mental ~ physical relaxation, leads to holistic awareness, and results in a truly unique, profound state of “peaceful awakening.”

Use YANTRA MANTRA to experience beauty ~ healing ~ living joy ~ or just to feel great. YANTRA MANTRA can lead to intimate personal awareness and be experienced among friends. Perfect for gatherings, group meditations, or simply to find peace within your own heart.

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~ Symmetry & Proportion ~

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Symmetry & Proportion

We adore chaos because we love to produce order.
Order is repetition of units.
Chaos is multiplicity without rhythm.
~ M. C. Escher ~