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At the Ends of the Earth / Au bout du Monde / На краю Земли (1998)

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Director: Konstantin Bronzit
Producer: Konstantin Bronzit
Genre: Animation / Short
Country: France / Russia
Language: Russian / None

A strange story at the very top of the Caucasian mountains – the apex, pinnacle, vertex.

A family lives in a house that teeters precariously on the very tip of a mountain. The balance of the house is affected not only by the family that lives inside, but also their cow, dog, cat, a passing bird, and a man with a couple of sheep who returns in a car. The slopes of the hill themselves also seem rather slippery at times.

The film was included in the Animation Show of Shows and eventually gathering nearly 70 awards around the film festivals.

What is the Enneagram (2008)

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Director: Francisco Meana
Producer: Raremoon Productions
Genre: Animation / Short / Web
Country: United States
Language: English

A short movie explain and visualize the dynamics of the interaction between the two great laws of the Universe (according to Gurdjieff), the Law of Three and the Law of Seven.

The enneagram is a nine-pointed figure usually inscribed within a circle. Within the circle is a triangle connecting points 9, 3 and 6. The inscribed figure resembling a web connects the other six points in a cyclic figure 1-4-2-8-5-7. These six points together with the point numbered 9 represent the main stages of any complete process, and can be related to the notes of a musical octave, 9 being equivalent to “Do” and 1 to “Re” etc. The points numbered 3 and 6 are said to represent “shock points” which affect the way a process develops. The figure can be used to describe any natural whole phenomenon, cosmos, process in life or any other piece of knowledge.

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Nature by Numbers (2010)

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Director: Cristóbal Vila
Producer: Eterea Studios
Genre: Animation / Short / Web
Country: Spain
Language: Universal / None

A short movie inspired on numbers, geometry and nature.

Artists and architects have used since ancient times many geometrical and mathematical proprieties that are also present in NATURE. Three of them are presented in this short animation: The Fibonaci Series and Spiral / The Golden and Angle Ratios / The Delauney Triangulation and Voronoi Tessellations.

The Secret Doctrine, part 1 (2012)

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Director: Destinys of the World
Producer: Destinys of the World
Genre: Short / Web
Country: Russia
Language: English / Russian

Is there any significance for life in a Universe of billions of stars that ignore us? Is there any significance for life in an Universe whose dimensions and nature overcome our understanding?

The short web-series films created by the international organization “Destinys of the World”. The video explain about the geometry and multidimensional world, God and religion, structure of physical matter and light, the creation of the Universe and the Earth in comparison with new knowledge.